domestic cleanerDuring the course of your day, you see a lot of places, from the busy shop, the grassy park down the street to the sticky carpets in your local. Your carpets see all these places too when you come walking through your front door at the end of the day.

Top Domestic Cleaners offers professional carpet cleaning to the London area. We hire expert carpet cleaners with extensive experience cleaning carpets who are ready to get to work cleaning the carpets in your home or office.

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The best care for your carpets

Your carpets are an integral part of your home. They are the first thing your visitors see as they enter your house. As tidy and as clean as you keep your home, if your carpets are not professionally taken care of, your home will not sparkle the way it should.

Top Domestic Cleaners recommends that you get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every six months. Your carpets see everything you do, from the puddle you walked in on the way to work to the sticky restaurant floor where you enjoyed a meal.

While carpets are a beautiful and comfortable addition to a home, they also harbour dirt, grime and bacteria. Regular hoovering will remove some of the loose dust and dirt that accumulates in your carpets, but in order to thoroughly clean them, it is imperative to hire a professional who has the right tools and know how to thoroughly clean and sanitise your carpets.

Who we are

Top Domestic Cleaners are a London based professional cleaning company. We offer great service at an incredibly competitive price point. Our professional cleaning team is made up of the best cleaners that London has to offer. Once hired, we put our cleaners through our Top Domestic Cleaners training process to ensure that each of our cleaners performs at our standards and their results measure up to our high level cleaning requirements.

Our hiring process involves a thorough vetting process and a comprehensive background check of each and every cleaner who will enter your home. We understand that in order for you to allow us to perform our exceptional cleaning service in your home or business space, you must first trust that we will not only do an excellent job cleaning your space but can also be trusted to respect your privacy and belongings. We go through this strict vetting process so that you can trust our cleaners like we do and know that your home or office space is safe and secure in their hands.

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What we do

Top Domestic Cleaners provide professional carpet cleaning for your home or office space. Our highly trained professional cleaners are equipped with the tools and products necessary to clean and sanitise your carpets. We only work with the best cleaning products that are eco-friendly and not harmful to you or your home.

When our professional carpet cleaners enter your home, they will go through the following process in order to clean your carpets.

  • Carpet inspection - thoroughly inspect your carpet, looking for wear and stains.
  • Carpet testing - we may carry out some testing on your carpet to determine the composition of your carpet so that we can select the best products and solvents to clean it with.
  • Cleaning solution selection - based on the results of our testing or our conversation with you about your carpet make up as well as our inspection for stains, we will choose the best products to thoroughly clean your carpet without damaging it.
  • Hoovering - we hoover your carpet with a high powered professional hoover in order to remove any loose dirt, dust or animal hair.
  • Spot treatment - we apply special cleaning solutions to any stains or spots on your carpet and allow these to sink in and deeply penetrate the stains.
  • Cleaning solution application - we apply a cleaning solution to your carpet that breaks up dust, dirt and embedded grime from the carpet fibres.
  • Steam Cleaning - we use our professional steam cleaning equipment to deeply clean and sanitise your carpet. This device works by injecting steam into your carpet, which further breaks up any embedded grime and then hoovers the injected steam out along with everything that has built up in your carpet.
  • Drying - we then leave your carpet to dry. We can expedite this process by using fans.

Call our professional cleaners today to discuss your carpet cleaning needs. We are available to clean your carpets seven days a week, including bank holidays.

Carpets we clean

Our professional carpet cleaners have considerable experience cleaning all types of carpets. Whether you know the makeup of your carpet or are unsure, our professional cleaners are able to determine both the composition of your carpet and the best cleaning solutions and solvents to clean it. This is important as different carpets have different cleaning needs, which is why we are always careful to determine the composition of your carpet to ensure that we use the correct cleaning solution on it that will not cause any harm. Below is a list of some of the different types of carpets we clean:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Synthetic
  • Cut-loop
  • Polyester loop
  • Loop pile
  • Shag pile
  • Plush

Spot cleaning

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, that is just a fact of life. A glass of red wine can get knocked from a table, or a new puppy can mistake your carpets for grass. Your child's new hobby of creating slime may end up accidentally smothered deep into the fibres of your carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaners have experience removing stubborn spots and stains from all types of carpets. They are equipped with the best tools and products to tackle even the most persistent stain. After entering your property, our professional carpet cleaners will ask you to tell them any information you have about your carpet and the stain. Don't know what your carpet is made out of or how the stain ended up there? Don't worry. Our professional cleaners are equipped with the tools and equipment to do a thorough examination of the issue are and determine the best products and solvents to use to remove it.

Give us a call to schedule a spot cleaning with one of our professional carpet cleaners. We are available to clean your carpets whenever you need us to do and offer our services at competitive rates, including a spot cleaning rate.

Domestic carpet cleaning

Regular domestic carpet cleaning is important for your health and wellbeing. Carpets harbour dust, dirt and grime, which can be detrimental to your physical health. Regular hoovering is important to remove some of the particles that accumulate in the carpets in your home; however, a hoover is unable to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime. Certain areas of your home are highly susceptible to building up dirt and grime in the carpet, such as carpeted hallways and entryways that see daily foot traffic.

Commercial carpet cleaning

best-offer-stamp200pxIn business, image is everything. And the carpets in your business are an important part of that image. Regular professional carpet cleaning not only thoroughly cleans and sanitises the carpets in your business, but it preserves the look of your carpets, meaning that your carpets will look clean and new for longer - saving you money in the long term on expensive carpet replacement.

We recommend that you employ a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpets in your business at least once every six months. Regular hoovering only does so much in terms of removing dirt and dust from your carpets which is why it is important to employ a professional who has the best tools and equipment to thoroughly clean and sanitise your carpets.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our professional carpet cleaning services. We tailor our services directly to your needs and are available to clean your carpets whenever your busy schedule allows.

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